Squarespace Website Design

We specialise in building websites with Squarespace — you might be wondering, why do we want to use Squarespace?

The answer is pretty simple. Squarespace is the easiest platform for you to use to manage your website, hands down. We have been developing sites since 2012 and in that time we have built hundreds of websites for all different organisations, what we found was that most clients didn’t have the time to learn how to fiddle around with the various system. Most clients just wanted a simple solution where they can easily manage all aspects of their website — Squarespace allows us to create websites where you can easily edit/manage without knowing any code.

We don’t want you to feel like you have to hire a web developer every-time you want a tiny change done to your site. We want to build your site for you.

We have hundreds of reviews on Airtasker which you can read here.

All of our sites includes the below:

  • free domain name

  • Unlimited Revisions (as many edits as needed to get it to 100%)

  • Mobile Responsiveness (looks great on phone, tablet & computer)

  • SSL CERTIFICATE INCLUDED (shows ‘https’ instead of ‘http’)

  • Mail Setup (i.e. hello@yourdomain.com)